So, yes, in my experience, if you "bump" the SD (only kind I have) card that's properly inserted in the "top" of the T600, it might instigate the "eject" behavior (it's a "feature", remember -- that's how you get it out of the T600).

Yes, I had this happen to me.

Note that most all the cases for the T600 have a strap or flap that crosses over the top of the unit from "front" to "back" -- thus covering the tip of any memory card (or the "blank" the unit comes with) in the slot.

In my experience, if my card is thus "strapped in", it won't accidentally pop out. I have once had it get bumped enough to initiate an eject but of course the strap stopped this and I simply pressed on the card once I noticed this and it was No Big Deal.


moral: get a case for the unit.