Well, I got a Cingular Treo 600 GSM a few days ago. I finally today got an unlocked one from mobilefly.com. It was held up in customs by Fedex for a week.

Both function fine, but have some significant quality issues. The Cingular one has a brillant clear white screen. But the sounds is significantl distorted even at low volumes. The normal Treo ringtone for example has very bad buzzing/distoration at anything over two bars (it goes up to 8).

The unlocked one has much much better sound. I had a Sprint one for two weeks and this one sounds like the Sprint. Some small distortion at the extreme high end but very usable generally. However this one has a hideous screen. Much much dimmer than the other and a bad yellow-green cast.

Has anyone else seen this? I called Handspring about the unlocked one, and they were willing to replace, but said they only have Cingular ones (they make these units, don't they? Who would never know it from talking to them) and those are backordered for one to two weeks. They were going to have someone call me on Monday but I don't have high hopes.