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    I haven't gotten my treo yet, but I wanted to play with the phone libraries. I am the PRC-Tools and I can compile normal palm apps fine. When I downloaded the handspring headers and try to compile using these headers, i get the following errors:

    In file included from /opt/palmdev/sdk-5/include/Common/HsCommon.h:30,
    from /opt/palmdev/sdk-5/include/68K/Hs.h:30,
    from main.c:2:
    /opt/palmdev/sdk-5/include/Common/System/HsAppLaunchCmd.h:66: parse error before `{'
    /opt/palmdev/sdk-5/include/Common/System/HsAppLaunchCmd.h:66: stray '\' in program

    Anyone else get this? Anyone know a solution?

    If this is not the best location I will try the handspring mailing lists...
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    Yep. I would imagine you'll get more responses from the HS dev lists - but I've been wrong before.
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    Certainly one solution is to find the stray backslash and remove it!
    near line 66 of the App Launch Include file.

    Strange that such a key include file would (1) have any sort of parse error in the first place and (2) have that error go undetected til now.

    If I were a betting man (wait! I am!) I'd say some "noise" glitched up your personal copy of the developer download.

    (that certainly seems more likely than the alternative - NO developer has tried to compile anything that includes an App Launcher include file!)
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    I just downloaded the Handspring include files and checked out the App Launcher one - it looks fine. You may want to go to the end of each line that has a backslash ('\') and confirm that THAT is the last character (the next character should ALWAYS be a 'newline') - if you "looked" at the include file, etc, it's possible you added a space or tab after the '\'.

    Or, perhaps, you converted a file from MSDOS 'CRLF" format to UNIX 'LF" format and left a space in there for the "CR"?

    Whatever..the file is fine for me.

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