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    Is any 1 here using the Cingular Version Treo 600 on a T-Mobile network? If so, can you please help answer the following:

    1. Is the unit come network locked or unlocked when ordering from Handspring (HS)?

    2. HS says that the Cingular unit is optimized for Cingular network? What exactly does this mean? Did you have to reconfigure anything on the Treo for use as a phone or for web browsing using T-Mobile T Zones or for SMS?

    3. Any downsides to using the Cingular version on T-Mobile network?

    4. Does the Cingular version come with a Cingular logo on the Treo itself?

    Thanks and for any advice and input.
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    Im using a Cingular Treo 600 on Tmobile right now..

    1) I got it directly from Cingular store, it was unlocked and works fine on Tmo.

    2) I use SMS and web, no problems. The only optimization I have found is a Cingular logo when turning on and off wireless mode. I assume the Tmo will have a Tmo logo and ATT ATT.

    3) I haven't found any downsides.. There is a rumor that the Tmo branded version in faster, dunno if that is phone, data or network, but nobody can confirm that till the Tmo shows up.

    4) Only a hanspring logo, no branding, even came in a Handspring box (with a tiny cingular sticker)

    Hope that helps...
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    billyb, yes, I have a Cingular one on T-Mobile also and agree with what you said.

    I'm however seeing a GPRS issue with both the Cingular one and an unlocked, unbranded one I got today. I'm wondering if you are seeing this?

    1.) Open websites in Blazer. Everything works fine.
    2.) Make voice phone.
    3.) Then go back to Blazer and try to open any website. It will stall and not be able to open anything.

    I'm seeing this on both so it's not a "Cingular-optimized" thing. It could be the area I'm in but I'm doubting that.

    Going into the network prefs and disconnecting doesn't help. The thing that works is turning off wireless and then turning it back on. Then it works great again.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Do you have T-Zones ($10) or the Tmobile Internet ($20) plan?

    I was loads of connection/disconnect issues with my mail service until I upgraded to the $20 internet plan. Now everything seems to work great.

    Tech said it was a WAP issue... Im not sure, seemed to me like T-Zones was booting me off the network, but the Treo didn't know it. Everything still acted like it was connected, but I couldn't ping anybody. I had to cycle the wireless mode to get it working again... Now I pay $10 more dollars and everything works great...

    Good luck..
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    Yes, I've had the $20 unlimited internet plan since it came out. So, you don't see any problems accessing data after making a phone call? I don't have any problem unless I make a call.

    Interestingly, I was trying a Nokia 6600 recently and ran into problems with data access on that sometimes. I didn't do as methodical a job as figuring out what the problem was as on the Treo, but thinking back on it, I think it was the same behavior.

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