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    I'm not sure why, but Sprint Business Connection insists on mapping itself to the mail (#3) button. I keep changing it to something else, and it keeps getting remapped back to BC. This is very annoying. I can't figure out why or when this is happening. It may happen after a HotSync, but I haven't tested it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Also, I never use BC and I'd just as soon get rid of it. Has anyone here successfully deleted it from ROM with Jack Sprat or some similar utility?

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    I have the same problem. I still haven't tracked down exactly when it changes either.

    Anybody know how to stop this? It's pretty annoying.
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    It did this to me every time I had a soft reset.
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    Originally posted by lb505
    It did this to me every time I had a soft reset.
    I just tested this, and you got it. After a soft reset, two things happen: (1) your preference for the mail application gets reset to BC and (2) BC gets assigned to button #3. I really need to find a way to make this stop happening.

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    yup, I've been having the same problem after soft resets as well. Very annoying!
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    same issue for me - another case of sprint putting their business goals ahead of usability...

    anybody figure out a hack?

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