Had an interesting problem today. When the better half called from her SPCS phone, my Treo would reset. This was a consistant, repeatable problem. This did NOT happen when calling from another phone.

Checked the error log by dialing #377 and found this:

A reset was caused on (date/time) while running "Phone":

DataMgr.c, Line:6341, Invalid uniqueID passed

Having seen this error in a search on the forums, I found that it sometimes is caused by a corrupt web file that crashes Blazer, but apparently no one has had this happen with Phone.

A quick-thinking SPCS support person hit it on the head immediately - it was a corrupt FAVORITE entry. When I edited it and hit MORE, the 600 reset. Deleted it, recreated it, and now it's all good.

Just wanted to share for anyone else that has this happen.