Hey all, New to Treo, coming from Pocket PC Phone edition. Couple of things I don't understand, or I am missing something. 1) can't you set a picture as wallpaper for anything but the phone? (ie) the main screen? 2) they have these templates in mms, that indicate you can send a picture with background sounds running. However, when I try this, (picture, insert sound and text) I send to an email address. It comes as three different attachments. Jpg, midi and txt. The person has to open each separately. That makes no sence.

So far, it's 'okay'. To be honest, the PPC was a lot easier to work with. I am sure I will get used to this but it seems kind of antiquated. Dumb things like, downloading something, then having to click your way back to your page from the opening apps menu, to web, to www, to your page that has to 'redraw' in order to view it. Instead of just taking you back to the web page you were on. Hasn't seemed to have changed much since I had a Palm III about 4-5 years ago.

Anyway, any help on the above would be appreciated. Thanks.