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    Just got my 600 (yesterday). It says when I try to send e-mail that it isn'tready yet but will be soon and I will get a text message letting me know...blah blah blah. Ok. Does this thing come with e-mail software installed or why is there software like Snapper and stuff all over the place? Is this just a preference thing? Is so, which is a good e-mail to use? Please be gentle....I am enthusiastic, but a total nimrod when it comes to PDA stuff.
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    Just one or two things.

    The message you describe sounds like the SMS message ... SMS is not email. It is text messaging from phone to phone and is limited to 160 characters.

    You will need to select an email package for email to work. Sprint has Business Connection for $5/mo. This gives you access to email. Palm just released the email program originally designed for the Treo 600. You can download it for free @ the Palm1 website.

    Then it is just a matter of setting it up. If you have any ??, send me a pm.

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