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    I searched the forums and came up empty, however I thought this has been discussed here before.

    Anyone know if there is a VoIP app that will run on the T600 using a Wifi card? I get spotty coverage in my home. We are installing a VoIP switch in my office. If I use a router level VPN connection from my home network to my office network, I should be able to use a WiFi card in my T600 to talk to my wireless network at home and do VoIP back to my office. I can then use my office number to make calls, answer calls, etc.

    Anyone doing anyting like this? Any idea on who had the hardware/software required?
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    VIOP not working yet, but I hear its in the works. There is no WIFI card for Treo 600 yet... this is also "in the works".
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    I started a similar thread regarding this subject about Gphone from Vliusa. From my experiementation, the Gphone client doesn't seem to be able to connect to the lookup servers to make a VoIP via 1xrtt. However, Vli CS did state in an email reply to my query that Gphone should hypothetically work. I had also asked them about compatibilty via SD wifi card on the Treo600, but they seemed to gloss over that question in the reply. However, it's been reported on other boards that users are having success with Gphone via BT on the T3 etc, so I imagine you could get it to work via SD wifi card once it come out. Any, I would love if anyone could figure out how to make VoIP calls over 1xrtt! *sigh*
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    Thanks for the updates and replies. I did a search and your thread did not show up. I will go back and read it. What vendor is working on the WiFI card?
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