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    i'm used to my pen in my stylus in my 270 which i got it off ebay for a good deal, where can i get this for the 600?
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    The stylus hole in the treo was stupidly designed to only hold a superthin stylus which probabalyu can not accept a pen.
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    I've already emailed a few times over the last month asking when they will have one available for the 600. They keep saying "not yet". Everyone should drop them an email asking for the pen/stylus combo for the 600, so they know it's wanted. I agree, that the stylus design for the 600 might make it hard to put a pen in there, but I think it is possible. I can "almost" slide the pen from my 300's pen/stylus into the barrel. It stops about an 8th of an inch down where the barrel thickens. So I think it is possible. I hope people email them. Their email for General Questions is:

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