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    how do I|
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    how do I hang up the phone when I'm done with a call? can't seem to find the button anywhere, and i'm tired of the person on the other end thinking i'm still trying to talk to them while I fumble around pressing buttons. right now I'm keying my way back to the built in phone app & selecting "hang Up", but that's awfully kudgy. pressing the back arrow key hangs up a call in the phone app, but not in takephone. there must be a single button way to terminate a call while inside thetakephone app. what am I missing? thanks
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but on my T600, when I use TAKEphONE to place a call, I immediately get the built-in dialing dialog with the usual hangup, speakerphone, etc. buttons. If you have somehow navigated away from this, you can geb back just by using the app launcher to get to the phone app, or else change your TAKEphONE settings so that the phone app is added to the sequence of buttons that you get when you push the left-most button.


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