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    Hi folks... not sure the subject line does a good job of explaining what I'm after!

    I have two desktop machines - one is personal, the other is a company one with all sorts of data backup (IOW, my data wouldn't be private).

    I'm looking to be able to sync my standard app. data (calendar/Notes/Contacts/ToDo) across both systems, but kept separately...

    EG: At work my desktop only contains my work data; at home, my desktop only contains my personal data; my Treo 600 contains both.

    I'm not aware of being able to hold multiple app. DBs within Palm OS, though I did once encounter a haxie for changing my username on (what was then) a Prism...

    Does anybody know how this might be done??

    (I'll disregard the issue that work is Windows XP with Outlook, home is Mac OS 10.2.8 with MS Entourage for now - one problem at a time!)

    I'd seriously appreciate any input - I can't be the only person ever to want one PDA with separate personal and business data, can I??

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    I think you will have to use the standard PIM apps with Palm desktop at one location, and use Beyond Contacts or Key Suite and Outlook on the other
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    I'd just been looking at KeySuite and thinking the same thing - thanks!

    I assume that installing Keysuite wouldn't interfere with the standard applications or their ability to hotsync to my Mac? (I don't see why it should, but I guess it depends on what KeySuite does to make itself a 'default' Palm OS app suite)

    To be honest, I had hoped to be able to integrate work data into my personal data at home and on the PDA, simply keeping the data on my work PC STRICTLY work (but still being able to generate new work data on the Treo and sync'ing it to the PC).

    What I should have indicated at the beginning is I want a clean system at work, and both private AND work data available at home and on the PDA.

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