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    I read in this forum that AIM 1.2 is stable, so I installed it. Now everytime i soft reset it gets stuck in the loop. Warm restart stops the loop, but I can't use wireless functions so I soft reset it and the loop comes back. Again I warm reset and this time I delete AIM 1.2. Then I do a soft reset and magically there was no more loop. So am I correct in assuming AIM 1.2 is the problem here?

    The only 3rd party apps i have installed is sketcher and avantgo. What's most dissapointing is that i paid $20 for the program.
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    Did you completely uninstall AOL 1.1 before installing the new one? I noticed that after having the earlier AOL installed I needed to do a cold reset and install everything again.
    From what I know a reset loop is related to a corrupted database somewhere on the phone, not an application. Running an application may corrupt a database.

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    The first time installed AIM 1.2 I did not uninstall the UK version, but the next few times that I installed it was after a hard reset.
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    I just tested it some more and I found that the reset loop only occurs if the soft reset happens with AIM open. Is this the same for everyone?
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    Did anyone try installing AIM to the card to see if that made it easier if the looping crash occurs?
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    I had a similar problem this week going from 1.0 to 1.1.

    Something gets corrupted in the Palm, and a hard reset with restore just copies the problem back to the Treo. Finally had to do hard reset and reload all my apps individually...
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    Like I mentioned in another AIM thread, AIM has caused reset loops and sometimes hard resets since I used it with my VisorPhone. I have tried several of the more recent versions on my 270, and they did the same thing. The real solution is probably to bite the bullet and get Chatter or Verichat. They both work.
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    Maybe I wasn't clear in my question, so I'll try again:

    What if you install the AIM application on the SD card instead of in the Treo internal memory?

    If the Treo goes into its endless loops, you eject the SD card to remove the program that is causing the crash. Does this obviate the need to do a hard reset?

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