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    I recently downloaded Chatter and thinks it's great but I wanted to find out why others prefer one over the other.

    I don't know too much about either except that Verichat has an annual subscription and Chatter does not. Other than that, I'd like to know why you find one better than the other.

    Thanks for the time.

    btw - I did a search and didn't see any dedicated to directly comparing the two.
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    one thing i've found that I def like is chatter does everything in the background (when you reply to a message pop up you don't have to wait for "transmitting". and when you go to a chat you don't have to wait for it to start the app all slow and login to the im servers each time...
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    I wrote this review a while ago and made several comparisons to VeriChat.

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    Let me start by saying that the following is my personal opinion of VeriChat and Chatter. I realize that some people might not agree and that is fine. I am a Chatter user on the Treo 600 and I have previously used VeriChat on my old Treo 300. Here are a few of the differences that I have discovered:

    1. You are correct in stating that the one-time fee is much more attractive than the annual subscription to VeriChat. But beyond that...

    2. For one, Marc is one of the truely GREAT guys on this forum. His dedication to Chatter and responding to user problems as quickly as possible is unsurpassed by any product or company that I have purchased software from for the PalmOS. (even PDAApps)

    3. VeriChat seemed to be very clunky to me in its operation. You would receive a message via SMS but have to enter the full VeriChat program (at least on the Treo 300) to respond. If you were in a full-out chat and trying to do other stuff on the palm this got old REAL fast.

    4. Perhaps one of the best reasons is that Chatter is tailor made for the Treo 600. There are special features (some even added one day before official release) that are available only on the Treo 600 and only in Chatter. Some examples would be the use of the Treo 600 "*" notification system for missed popup messages, full 5-way navigation support, etc.

    I used VeriChat for about a month and I have been using Chatter for almost 9 months (for most of the beta) and I would not trade it for anything. It performs exactly the way that I had envisioned VeriChat would and Marc has been quick to respond to any problems and in fact he has been willing to add in cool features that have been suggested by users.

    Hope that this helps you out a bit...

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    I can't add too much more on to what Keith very eloquently said but to amplify his comments regarding the professional look and feel (and operation) of Chatter over Verichat. I beta tested both, and did not wind up buying Verichat. I paid for Chatter immediately. Excellent piece of programming work, and it has finally made me embrace IM after banishing it as an unproductive distraction. As a mobile professional who considers his Treo a business tool first and foremost (and an awesome geek playground a close second), I can't give it any higher endorsements. And no, he's not paying me.
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    Great Info. Thanks everybody. I have Chatter installed and have been very impressed and I plan on buying it but wanted to see what others thought of Verichat. Thanks again.
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    I might be in the minority, but I tried Chatter, albeit briefly, and ended up staying with Verichat. Here's why: in my opinion, IM and e-mail are fundamentally different technologies, with different user assumptions and interface needs. I just really didn't end up liking the User Interface of Chatter - but that's just me, and many others, obviously, have different preferences.
    You might just take Verichat for a test run - check them both out, use them both, and then see what you think...
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    A quick word on the "IM and eMail" thing that someone mentioned (perhaps in another thread).

    While Chatter supports SMTP (for everyone with an SMTP account anywhere, including and IMAP (for those with IMAP accounts supporting the IDLE command), the IM functions of Chatter stand entirely on their own (i.e. you don't have to use both together).

    However, I would say that IMAP is a shockingly positive surprise for those who haven't used it. Real pushed email and background loading/sending are really cool...

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    Hi folks,

    I've tried both VeriChat and Chatter on my Treo 600. Have to say that I thought both were great pieces of software.

    I was initially more comfortable with VeriChat. To me, it operated more like the way I was used to using chat programs from Yahoo, MSN, etc... and even more like what I wind up using the most, gAIM, which lets me stay connected to all the services at the same time.

    Then, I started spending a bit more time with Chatter and following Marc's thoughts about identifying my "Contacts" as opposed to their various "contact methods."

    This is where I quickly started falling towards Chatter. My preferred PC clients will let me monitor for any of my associates' contact methods, but I have to have an entry for each of the ways they communicate show up separately in my contact list. Chatter let's me see if Marc is online, no matter which method he chose to use to connect today, including if I just want to punch out a short email to him! All done from one contact list.

    I quickly got used to the interface and now feel like I cannot do without the program.

    As was pointed out earlier, the email bits are an added bonus (and a real benefit if you start using them! check out the Chatter docs for a great free IMAP service recommended by Chatter's author). Still, the email stuff is in no way required if you just want to use the traditional chat bits.

    No slight to VeriChat, but I am very pleased with Chatter and have come to pretty much consider it indespensable.

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    I've tried both; Chatter is better in my opinion. I especially didn't like the long load time of VeriChat every time you enter the program. Chatter is great!
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    nrosser: In fairness, you shouldn't compare the old Chatter for the Treo 300/270 to Verichat and expect that comparison to have much value at this point.

    The FAR improved Chatter for T600 is very different, including MANY UI enhancements. Also, the user experience in Chatter for T600 is aimed SOLELY at T600 owners, and takes advantage of the real power of the machine. Why not try it yourself?

    Regarding eMail... The fact that Chatter CAN do email doesn't mean you HAVE to use email!

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    I only used Verichat and Chatter for a very short time (Verichat 2 weeks, Chatter 1 week.) Verichat was more comfortable for me at first - it looked more like the buddy lists I was used to on the PC. But once I got used to Chatter, I found it much more user friendly and definitely faster loading. My screen is much cleaner with chatter (less clutter).
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    I started using verichat... It was pretty good... I only used it for AIM and it worked decently... there were some quirks I didnt like... the startup time... the background messages would never go away unless u clicked ignore... you had to wait to connect to send messages...

    but these were Ok.... Until I treid chatter. Its true that chatter's interface is different. The buddy list is a drop down menu... but overall the experience chatting is better... background messages work much much better... I can actually use chat on AIM and do other stuff simultaneously on the palm... with verichat.. this was a pain... I can ignore messages if I am busy doing other things and they dont get lost... they show up in the alert manager and I always know if I missed messages. With verichat... messages would interfere with what I was doing in other applications...

    Other things i like: I can check away messages of people without IMing them... I can keep logs of my conversations and even lock messages so they dont get deleted.

    and the best thing is the support marc gives... every suggestion is considered.. and implemented if good... even though it takes a little bit to get used to... it is definately worth it!

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    Originally posted by wolfbeast

    ...and the best thing is the support marc gives... every suggestion is considered.. and implemented if good... !

    I second that!
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    Hey Marc -

    It's definitely fair to suggest a more-current test of Chatter, and I probably should. But, and maybe I'm still stuck in the past, I <still> can't get my arms around the blurring of IM and e-mail. For my feeble brain, I see them as different, with different usage patterns - well, you know the rest.
    But - I will say that a ton of people love it, and it's certainly a well-written app, so you definitely have a winning product, no matter if one doofus like me doesn't totally dig it. But you know that anyway....
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    The email functionality of Chatter is best described as a quick way to get email pushed to you and a quick way to send an email to someone who is not available for chat without going into another app.

    Not a full email program - just a quick few shortcuts and helpers.

    - Joe
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    I think Chatter shows real promise and I applaud the creator. But I just can't see using it over VeriChat. Here's a few problems I see, and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure somebody will.

    1. Switch between buddies to see if they are online? no "true" buddy list? sux
    2. Re-enter all my AIM buddies?
    3. 64 max entries
    4. No "Pronounce Buddy"
    5. 5 way doesn't work on some things
    6. The Font thing really bugs me, makes the whole program look cheesy.

    Hey this is just MY findings and opinion so don't take it personal. I know the creator has work many long hours, and by reading this thread so far it's a winner to many 600 owners.

    I may be back for 2.0, but for now it's Verichat for me.
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    Originally posted by imageone
    1. Switch between buddies to see if they are online? no "true" buddy list? sux
    No, just hit the center nav button twice or drop down the list. Those up top are online (and you see which services). Those at the bottom are offline.

    3. 64 max entries
    How many do you have!?!?

    4. No "Pronounce Buddy"
    What is that?

    5. 5 way doesn't work on some things
    Such as?
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    The issues imageone brings up with 5-way support and 'no list of online buddies' were incorrect, as has been discussed earlier.

    Perhaps 64 contacts is too few for some; the limit was purely arbitrary. I could make a version that allows 1024 in a heartbeat, but somehow that sounds wrong. I find it hard enough to deal with 25 or 30 on a screen the size of the Treos. The beauty of Chatter is that you don't HAVE to keep all your chat friends as Contacts - that's what the inbox is for! Not being able to import AIM and ICQ buddies - I agree that's a shame, especially if you have more than 64 AIM buddies! Yet contacts can be created 'on the fly', so you really don't have to add them all at once.

    No "pronounce buddy", well ok. It's on my list for the next revision. You don't like the fonts? Ok, matter of taste.

    I can name a few dozen things that Chatter has that Verichat doesn't, but what's the point? If you prefer Verichat, that's what you should use. I've said from the beginning that if someone wants a pc-style IM program for their phone, they should use Verichat.

    MY goal was to create a multi-IM (with email added) application that was designed from scratch and centered around the idea of "person A sends messages to person B" rather than "person A on system X sends a system X style message to person B also using system X". Different medium, different approach - not a matter of right and wrong.

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    nrosser - I think it comes down to whether you're willing to look at things a different way. I use traditional IM systems on my PC too; I wasn't so sure I wanted to deal with that on my phone, and that's where Chatter came from. I like Windows, but I don't want my it running on my TV! (No less my toaster)
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