Hello all,

I was fortunate enough to beta test the Chatter software, and I've found it to be excellent. I've never used Verichat, but I think the way Chatter runs in the background (with option to not run in the background) is in itself a great feature.

I know what you mean, nrosser, about the E-mail and IM thing. I don't think Chatter tries to blur the lines between them; the IMAP email is just a "value added" feature.

I personally don't use Chatter's e-mail feature, though I could. I prefer to use Snappermail for all of my e-mail activity, and Chatter exclusively for IM. Chatter's e-mail feature is not intrusive in anyway so it doesn't hinder the robust chat features at all.

You can keep the two worlds apart if you want to.