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    I too have been having problems logging into Verichat all day. I just posted another comment in another thread. It's located at:

    I emailed PDA Apps, but I still haven't gotten a response. Before this issue happened, I was extremely impressed with it. I am hoping this issue is resolved soon so I get back to online and probably soon buy it!

    Anyone else having this issue? Or are able to logon today?


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    It works fine for me.
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    i can't login either. it hangs at connecting to proxy. tried to install chatter on my treo 300, but it says it need palm 3 or higher....
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    I got an email early this morning from PDA App saying...

    We were having some server problem. You can install once again and see if this fixes the problem.

    Support Team
    I hope they get it resolved soon! I really like it.

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    FYI, I am back in business with Verichat. I was just able to login to Yahoo, MSN and AIM. For those who are also having trouble, perhaps you want to try again???

    Let me know. I am very curious since I really like the app and am thinking of purchasing it, but this latest outage leaves doubts.

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    i'm back up as well.... does this happen often? I'd like to purchase this software/service but if it's down more than up.. i won't bother...
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    I've been using Verichat for months without any problems. I'd say this is just a fluke.
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    I haven't been using it for months, but I have been using it for about a week. Other than this latest snafu, I have been extremely pleased with verichat and their treo600SMS product, which is also proxy based.

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    I've had several hours of downtime on nov. 19th and 20th in the afternoon as well. Reports from people who have used verichat for a while seem to indicate that there haven't been outages in the past-- have we just crossed the "too many subscribers for their server" threshold or something? There have been quite a few outages in the last week.

    Any word from verichat? All I get back from them is "it's working now, try again" sometime the day after I report the outage.

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