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    Last night while I was on the Wells Fargo Web site the 600 was downloading my info when it crashed and re-started itself. I re- tried about 6 times and with the same result. The strange thing is that I was on that site last week and it worked perfectly. I thought that maybe something I downloaded was causing a conflict so I tried the hard reset However the web site contiues to crash the phone.

    I called handspring and they walked me through a series of procedures and at the end said I should contact the web site provider. Is anyone else having these kind of problems with Blazer or any other app crashing the phone?

    Any tips on correcting this problem?
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    I found the following at the Wells Fargo site:
    "The Wells Wireless service is no longer available. However, you can obtain your current balances and transfer funds anytime, anywhere by calling 1-800-TOWELLS. (1-800-869-3557)"
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    I've had 2 spontaneous resets. Nothing major - no data loss but perplexing. If it dropped a phone call, I'd be pissed. Both times were surfing the web.
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    Thanks. The message from Wells Fargo probably says it all.

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