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    Your inane ramblings are starting to make me laugh.

    You ever so conveniently push the crap from MS (had a PPC - did not like it) and when your point can't be supported ... then that issue becomes "irrelevant."

    Go over to the PPC boards where people will like and enjoy your Palm bashing.

    I enjoy listening to divergent opinions, but when will you purple folks learn that enough is enough! Geez ... let's move on.
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    Originally posted by bcaslis
    I've got one also. Literally the only place on the Treo where you see anything is a Cingular graphic when you turn wireless on or off. It's a white background with the orange Cingular graphic. There is a sticker on the box that says wireless service by Cingular, and a getting started booklet that looks like it's from Handspring but has a Cingular logo on the cover. Otherwise it seems a plan GSM Treo 600.

    FYI, unbranded GSMs also have a start-up and exit (radio)screen. It is a Handspring cell-towers logo ("hello") and it is not a pretty sight. Appears in slightly different colors depending on start or exit ("goodbye"). It is then followed by the network search window as on the 270. This screen, though it adds a slight extra delay prior to the network search, is no big deal. It's a form of electronic branding and cannot be removed without some kind of hack, and that may not be a good idea unless you want to start messing with radio failure and resets. I think we can live with this form of electronic carrier branding. If that's the only major carrier intrusion into the hardware and software, then we're in good shape. Might be a little odd to have Cingular branding on a TMO, but it doesn't really matter.
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    Interesting pics! iJITSU, what was your impression of the lack of a touch screen on the i600 and MPx200? That really irked me when I tried out the MPx200 myself. I personally would prefer to have an on screen data input option besides just T9. Also, there just doesn't seem to be enough software out there for Windows Mobile for Smartphone yet...However the E200 does seem really nice!
    I actually prefer not having to pull out a stylus, much to my suprise. I've been wanting to ditch a pda all together and just have a phone that does all I want it to. Haven't found that yet, but the treo 600 and samsung i600 both come close. The ability to navtigate the entire system without a stylus is actually what I'm interested in, and I've become pretty good with T9 (actually currently faster with it than the treo keyboard). In regards to software, I'm not concerned. The Media players, Word/Excel viewers, and other core apps that I'm interested in are available for both platforms, so I'm set either way I go. Right now I'm leaning toward the i600. However, if I go that route, I expect to come back to a Palm OS phone as soon as one is available that has a 65k screen with resolution of at least 176x220. As I've stated before, I'm a fan of the Palm OS and expect Palm OS 6 to rock.
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