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    Well, I guess treo600 can only win as long as not being compared against closest competitor.

    This time the review is made by the Strait time, much bigger paper than the CT. What is surprising, PalmOne only have two other internationl office, one of them in Singapore. One would think Singapore is the last place treo600 doesn't get a fluff review.


    A user confronted with the choice of buying one of three PDA phones - the Treo 600, the O2 XDA II and the Sony Ericsson P900 - would do well to consider his needs carefully.

    If it is a phone he wants primarily, then the Treo is the first choice. But if he values his PDA functions more and also wants an integrated phone at the same time, then the O2 fits the bill.

    But overall, I would think of the three, the O2 offers the best value for money - in view of its ample features and excellent design.
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    Originally posted by AfroCreame
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    I seriously doubt whether the writer knew what he was talking about. The review is one of the shallowest on cellphone/smartphone/pdaphones I've ever read -- even shallower than Wall Street Journal types.

    BTW, I'm willing to go a LONG way to minimize paying M$, directly or indirectly, even though they do stand a good chance of achieving dominance in converged device OS market. But that's just me.
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    Here is WSJ treo review. How is it deeper than ST review? Because mossberg say "I prefer it to any RIM BlackBerry model I have tested, and it blows away any of the PDA/phones based on Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system."

    Oh yeah, that's deep.

    Wanna hear what Mossberg has to say about Visor/Springboard? lol. yeah okay, whatever. Historical indeed.

    Wanna hear what he says about treo 180?

    Let's just say Blackberry still alive and sell more than treo 180, and probably 600 by now.
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    P800->Treo 600->P900->XDA II->P900->MPx->Treo 600->iPaq 6315->MDA III->i-Mate PDA2k->o2 XDA IIs & o2 XDA II Mini
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    You da man!!!!
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    this is the most articulate response to any comment produced by the purple clan.
    case closed.
    well done afrocream!!!!
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    fifi, get me my martini, would you dahling, this heat is dreadful!
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    beefy and has spud coming out of it.
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    From your desktop you can configure the forums to ignore certain members. Now when I notice a new purple member I quickly ignore the *****. It's great not having to see the bs.

    Was that a purple self portrait?
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    alrighty then!!!
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    ignore is quite a level-headed approach!
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    How many accounts are the moderators going to let this troll have?????
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    Hey AfroCreame -- you got stairs in your house?

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