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    Where do you go to activate your Voice Command to read your Business E-mail on Business Connection PE?
    I've been to both BC setup and Voice Command setup, and can't figure it out. In the help, it says you can.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Mort - I believe there is no relation between the BC software and Voice Command software although it would be nice if there was a connection.
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    The following was copied from the help section in Sprints Voice Command section:

    "Voice Access to Business Connection
    Say "Call Business Connection"

    Need to check your Business Connection account while on the run? Sprint Voice Command will read your corporate email to you over the phone and will even play or read files that are attached if they are in a standard format like, .txt or wav. After listening to an email, you can send a reply message using your voice. To learn more about Business Connection, go to To set up voice access to Business Connect, select the Business Connection link and enter your Business Connection user name and password. "

    It must be there somewhere!
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    I have the same issue. I emailed Sprint Customer Service and received the following reply. However, the Business Connection Link that everyone seems to be referring to is not there!


    I understand that you want to setup PCS Voice Command to access PCS
    Business Connection Personal Edition email.

    You can setup PCS Voice Command to access PCS Business Connection
    Personal Edition email by following the given steps:

    - Log into using your PCS phone number and
    your password;
    - Click on the Personalize link on the left side;
    - Click on the Business Connection link;
    - Click on I am a first time user, I need to register a voice access
    - Click on Continue after reading the message that displays;
    - Enter a PIN# that will be easy to remember, then select and answer
    the security question, then click Enter;
    - Select to Voice Activate your Personal Edition account, and click
    - Enter your Business Connection Personal Edition Username and
    password, then click OK; and
    - You will receive confirmation that setup was successful.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Gim K.
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    Wow... with that information it sure sounds like there is a connection. If somebody does get it to work then post the details here.
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    There is no "Business Cnnections" option. The closest thing to that is a n "email"option. But that does no good!

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