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    First, you may not know yet what's the Nexio: it is a pcketable WinCE.NET 4.1 unit with a 800x480 screen, keyboard and WiFi that's smaller and lighter than a old Sharp organizer. Here is the details:

    You can buy it from eBay or from dynamism and Samsung offeres internatinal 1-year warantee.

    While Treo 600 beats any PDA/Palm+Phone comb and any other smart phones, there are still some things it cannot do or cannot do them well. Nexio comes to rescure. Too bad, Treo 600 still has no bluetooth support yet, so the only option right now is SE T610. T610 is actually very competive to Treo 600 with its very good organizing functions. The only thing missing is notes/memo function (its built-in notes is useless and cannot sync with Outlook). Keyboard is not a big issue as you can add a light and nice keyboard for only $12 (from your local ATT store). And, T610's T9 is very good (on screen candidates promt) and I almost don't miss Treo's keyboard.

    Nexio does not have bluetooth built-in but you can add one into the CF slot. Note that only AnyCom, AmbiCom and Socket cards works on Nexio. Socket is highly recommended because it is exactly the same size of a CF memory card and there is no any tail left outside the CF slot. Beautiful. However, only Rev. F cards work; so make sure don't get G and E revisions.

    Also note that Nokia 3650 does not work with Nexio while T610 works beautifully. Once Treo 600 has BT, a Treo 600 on you hip and a Nexio in your pocket, man, you don't need anything else. For now, T610 + Nexio is as perfect (T610 is much lighter and smaller than Treo 600). If you still prefer a single unit, there is a Convergent GSM/GPRS CF card for $245 that works very well with Nexio.
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    Lots of more pictures of Nexio here:

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