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    It's happened a few times already. Today I was able to write it down so here goes:

    Just finished making a phone call from contacts. Within a few seconds, got a loud quick chirp sound from the speaker, then a pop up message that foes something like this: "Error occurred in the app you are using. Please contact the developer (Sys 0505) (0, 746)"

    I dialled ##377 and there was no recent crash detected.

    The chirp is not one of the sounds in the Pref/ sound menu.
    Anyone else got this error?

    I called Handspring tech support and they suggest I do a hard reset and see if problem is still there.
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    I found the offending app. It was the Cesium alarm going off that generated the error. I just deleted it and wiat and see.
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    how did you find the offending app?
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    nm, I found it.

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