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    I bought a used 300 from a friend and the ringer tone will not sound when a caller connects. It sounds when you choose it. All the manual suggestions were taken. Still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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    Does the vibrate work when you receive a call? If so, then the speaker wire inside the Treo could be loose or pinched. I had that problem with my 300 too, and I know others have as well. Some of the braver souls have opened up the unit and resoldered the wire. I gave up and got a 600.
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    Yes. It still vibrates in all modes. The speaker wire would still have to be attached as it sounds fine when you select the ringer as it samples the tone.

    The mute button works for the key noise functions also.
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    My Treo would sound when selecting a ring tone as well. Try calling your Treo from another phone with the flip lid open. Does it ring? Try again with it closed. I think the flip may be interfering with the wire.
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    I had this problem a few months ago. I think mine was the actual ringer switch on the top of the unit. It had gotten really loose, and I think it was failing to make a good connection whenever I slid it to ring, so the unit thought it was always on vibrate.

    Sprint sent me a new unit.
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    That sounds possible. Now it's stuck on vibrate and won't stop vibrating. It's time to go to the shop!


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