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    We are testing GoodLink.

    When it installs itself it not only remaps the hardware buttons, it looks like it hides the built in DateBook and Address applications.

    I sync those two with my Mac so I need to get them back.

    I tried to unhide them with 'SuperUtility' without any luck.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?
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    well, my (admittedly very sketchy) understanding of how GoodLink works it that it ends up replacing the built-in Palm databases. So - I think that not only will you be unable to 'unhide' the apps you want, I bet that they are gone totally, by the ROM flash that GoodLink does.
    And that was one of the details I've been trying to get out of Good for some time - whether, like KeySuite and BeyondContacts, the Good stuff replaces the built-in apps. From what I've been able to glean, and from your specific message, I would say the Good s/w does indeed replace the built-in apps. Whether that's an issue or not to lots of folks is debatable, but it would be to me.
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    I think I got it...

    By deleting the GoodAddress and GoodCalendar applications, the PalmOS ones come back. You can still access those Good functions from the main Good menu.

    I had to resync in my data but I now have the Good data in Good and the Entourage in the PalmOS apps.
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    Does anybody know if Good offers a free trial ?

    The people at said they would do it for a group of 5 or more users, but I just need it for me.

    Ideas ?

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