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    i have version .13 running on my treo 600.

    two intermittant problems apparently related to the app and/or sms messages.

    1) sometimes i'll pick up the device and the screen will have a small pop-up window partially covering the screen saying something like "cancelling service" or "cancelling connection" (i apologise...i know how annoying imprecise messages are when trying to troubleshoot). at this point, nothing else happens and the only button that does anything is the alt button (which just pops up a message about the alt key). following a reset, if i go into sms, i have a new message directing me to the sprintpcs website to read it (in other words, the actual message doesn't come through until another one comes along, but it is clear that a message was in the process of coming when the lockup occured).

    2) sometimes when i attempt to go into the sms application, the screen goes completely white. here again, nothing happens and no key press does anything (haven't tried the alt key in this case). only solution is reset.

    Is anyone else experiencing this or have suggestions? I have emailed pdaapps already. Thanks.
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