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    Ok, so how does one use an SD card with a T600? In terms of getting data on the card?

    I suspect that this is more or less the gig:

    1. go buy a USB SD card reader-writer gizmo ($20 most places it seems).

    2. Hook said r/w unit to one's "host" computer unit.

    3. jam one's SD card into r/w unit.

    4. schlep data (mp3s in my case) onto SD card from host computer unit.

    5. take SD card outta r/w unit, stick it into T600, and Voila! one has data there.

    Now, is there any way to get data from one's host system onto the T600's SD card via HotSync, say?

    Like, if I stick a 10MB file in my Add-on folder and "install" it using the desktop app, as usual, is HotSync on the T600 smart enough to squirrel that honkin' big data file onto the SD card during the sync operation?


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    Ok, answered my own question.

    the Palm Desktop plus the pda-side HotSync app *are* smart enough to figure this out and Do The Right Thing. Apparenltly, if the Palm Desktop Add gizmo sees you adding files _other_ than .prc or .pdb, it knows to target them ("Destination") to whatever memory card you have loaded in The Device.

    I've got mine schlepping data right now. will see if it works.

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    So, me again.

    On the way home this evening, I did a little detour to Best Buy (woulda preferred Frys, but it was raining out here and everyone was playing bumper cars, and BestBuy is only a surface street cruise for me) and did some nosin' 'round, and came home with one of these...

    PNY 4 in 1 PCMCIA Adapter

    ..for my trusty lapstation, and it seems to wurk great so far.

    I just schlepped 30.7 MB of data onto the Lexar SD 32x SD card + PNY pcmcia adapter combo in 24 sec. Not blazing, but not snail slow like the T600 USB connection route.


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