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    are there any good fax programs for treo 600 ; ie fax send and receive. will these programs allow you to save these documents on the device?
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    I have discovered a way to fax from my 600.

    I use an internet fax service called efax.
    It allows me to get my faxes via email on any computer I choose. I am on the road alot so my faxes just follow me.
    I have been experimenting and am able to fax from my phone vial email using efax's system. works pretty slick.

    This may not be a solution for everyone, but if you need portable faxing this may be worth looking into

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    Please refer to this thread:

    Unfortunately, the modem in the Treo600 is incapable of either Fax send or Fax receive. The only solution is to use an email based fax solution in conjunction with a TIFF capable image viewer like Acid Image Pro. There are various options out there like J2 or efax as woof stated...
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  4. #4 used to have a PQA that was great for sending faxes. Their customer service was also quite nice. You can now use their service through Blazer by accessing the same page the PQA did.

    Save that page as a bookmark and you can fax away. It works well. I think the charge is .50 a fax with a $10 minimum to setup an account.


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