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    how do i set up my hotmail account on the treo 600

    thank you
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    you can't. It's not a POP3, IMAP or what ever. I think it's a webclient..
    Anyhow...There is a URL you can use that will take you there and you can do it all in an easy to use PDA/WAP type setup.

    Hope this is helpful, Matt

    There is a rumor Hotmail may change their type in the future.
    Also, there are some sites that can send to do something to the hotmail, so you can get in on your POP3 client , like Edora or Snapper mail I think.
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    I also think you need to setup the FREE mobile MSN account (MY MSN) to get it to work too.
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    There are two ways you can get Hotmail. Go to and follow the link to Hotmail - you can bookmark this page for future use or check out for a software that actually retrives HotMail.


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