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    Hi Treo 600 owners!

    Is it possible to access the Internet with the Treo 600 GSM without using GPRS? For instance, is it possible to use the serial connector to connect to a computer already connected to the Internet?

    It might sound silly to use the Treo for Internet while you have another computer next by, but another alternative to GPRS could be useful. If you want to do develpment or just test software that uses the net it might be cheaper to use an existing internet connection that the expensive way via your mobile provider.

    Or am I getting things wrong completely?
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    Anybody, any ideas?
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    Since GPRS from Orange is rather unreliable here in the UK - most evenings and weekends it seems to be patchy at best - I have set up a dial-up network connection on my 600. I have then set this as the fallback for the GPRS connection to that if it attempts to connect via GPRS and fails, it will use the dialup. This will obviously prevent incoming calls, and doesn't seem to come out of my inclusive minutes, so is not ideal, but better than nothing if GPRS is unavailable.
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    So you still make a phone call to connect to an ISP then? Makes sense. I guess from what you say that it doesn't count as a landline call, otherwise it would come out of your inclusive minutes.

    My question was about making some kind of hardware-based connection to a machine nearby. Something like a Ethernet SD card which you could connect to your hub/cable modem? The easiest and cheapest I see would be the serial port - if there is also software to support it.

    I'm surprised that I find very little information about this. Didn't the early Palm devices used to have a modem of some sort? Again, I'm mostly guessing here, my actual knowledge of the hardware is fairly limited.
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    You can do this either via the cradle/sync serial port or the IR port. I used both on my 180. I haven't tried on my 600 but I assume both will still work. You just use ppp on a host machine and select/configure the right interface in the treo's Connection and Network prefs.
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    I know it is possible as we have done it in the office using bluetooth and palm devices.
    For example I have a Clie TG50 with bluetooth that is connected onto our office network through a belkin bluetooth dongle on a laptop that is networked.

    I will get the details of everything we did and let you know

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    Originally posted by minute
    My question was about making some kind of hardware-based connection to a machine nearby.
    Sorry. I didn't read the whole question before answering.
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    you're right...
    This is what I'm looking for but it is 3rd party and unfortunately it supports MacOS only.

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