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    I am a brand new Treo 600 user and have read on and on about Snapper Mail, Verichat, and PCS Business Connect Personal Edition. Can anyone give me the pros and cons and which one is truly best.

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    You should get SnapperMail for email and one of Verichat or Chatter ( for IM. Chatter also does IMAP/SMTP (light duty).

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    wow, there are so many threads out there already on this.

    Here's a basic question -- are you interested in access to your work email on your Treo 600? (like Outlook/Exchange or Notes/Domino) If so, then you cannot use Snappermail. I think BizConn works very well, especially now that Push seems to be working. BizConn provides you with access to your work email and/or your personal/POP email. Most other systems only provide you with access to one *or* the other, BizConn provides access to both.

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