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    I've got one of these on order, so hopefully I should be able to post a small review in the next week or so.
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    Looks very well made but that flip lid posses a problem for me as I don't want to open something to use my Treo.

    Saying that, I suppose it does offer some protection for the screen.
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    It sounds like you would get along with the EB case, since you can remove the flip section, or add it back on to protect it in your bag etc.

    I like flip covers, I'm paranoid about screen damage (I broke an ipaq screen previously) and I like the way the PF case also covers the camera lens too. The main plus points for me are the magnetic closure (I hate snap closure cases) and the removable belt clip button, so I'll be able to either clip it on my belt, or remove the button so it takes up less space in my pocket.
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    This looks just the thing for me too. Thanks for the link.

    My one concern on looking at the pictures is about the microphone. Where is the mic on the Treo600? I thought it was the hole on the bottom (the other side of the hotsync connector from the headphone socket, slightly offset). If so, it looks a bit like the PF case covers this up.

    Am I missing something?

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    I've wondered where the microphone is positioned too, but yeah it looks like it's the hole next to the hotsync connector doesn't it.

    Not an issue for me, as if it is covered up I'll just 'modify' the case a little, should take around 2 minutes

    You could drop them a mail and ask about the mic hole though, as on the one photo I can find of that area of the case it does look covered up. A bit of an oversight I'm sure, but no doubt they will alter the case if it does obscure the mic.
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    I had one of their cases for my Toshiba e330 . They are beautifully made, very soft leather and the company is very nice to deal with.

    I'm in the middle of the "case debate" myself for my new T600. One of the big reasons I switched from the T300 was to get away from the flip.

    Decisions, decisions.

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    60 Euros = ~$70 USD. That's a damn expensive case!
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    Yeah they aren't cheap, although I think the price includes worldwide shipping. I had a PF case for my first ipaq (H3630), then one of the basic Vaja cases when I switched to a 3900 and there was virtually no difference in quality, they are quite evenly matched. I have a Sena case now for my Axim which is also very well made but quite bulky and the leather is of a slightly tougher variety.

    For me the PF works out slightly cheaper (the vaja treo case is $75 including shipping). Plus if I went for a Vaja now it would have to be a custom model and that just works out too expensive. I can't wait to receive it, the included case is really starting to get on my nerves now!
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    I have e-mailed them the question above about whether the case obscures the mic. Will post any reply I receive.

    I agree on price. For those of us in Europe the prices seem to be on a par with US sourced cased once postage is taken into account.

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    Just received the following (very prompt and thorough) reply from Piel Frama:

    Q. Is the microphone exposed while the phone is in it's case. I know I have to open up the cover to use the phone but it is not clear to me from the pictures on your site whether the case would get in the way of the mic.

    A. Yes, our cases have the Microphone cutout, so you can use the microphone while the phone is in the case. Please click the following link and you will see these cases:

    In fact when I look at the link I think I simply didn't spot this when browsing the site!

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    Hrm. Another case with exposed corners.

    I'm a klutz -- I don't need a belt clip or loop, but I need corners of the unit and the screen protected. I need a flip case with a screen cutout with some clear plastic because my Treo lives in my purse.

    I think I'm sold on the EB case.
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    Originally posted by bling bling
    Hrm. Another case with exposed corners.

    I'm a klutz -- I don't need a belt clip or loop, but I need corners of the unit and the screen protected. I need a flip case with a screen cutout with some clear plastic because my Treo lives in my purse.

    I think I'm sold on the EB case.
    I too was looking to buy the EB, but I ended up buying the PF because I thought EB's offering left the Treo's corner (especially the shoulder with the camera lens) exposed too much. The PF unit in my opinion offers better coverage, no?
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    Do any of you have pics???

    This case looks great (better than EB of the Vaja). Its either this one or the I-volution.
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    Piel Frama is shipping Treo 600 Essentials an evaluation unit. It should arrive shortly. Look for a review. I am personally very interested in the PF unit because of the magnetic closure system.

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    oh, I can't wait for your eval! Pielframa is bookmarked for christmas!!!!
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    I have a Tan one on order. I e-mailed the other day for an update and the very helpful sales manager says they are now shipping black ones and that I can expect mine to ship in a week or so.

    I will post a brief review too when it arrives.

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    My black case is on its way... and I just ordered it yesterday!

    I also send them an email explaining the problem Vaja people were having with regard to the space button and auto answering calls.
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    Got mine today. Order was made on Sat evening...I'm impressed with the speedy response.

    My $0.02...Quality and workmanship is just as good as if not better than the EB cases I used for my Palm devices. Stitching and cut are both uniform throughout. The magnetic snap is just right as I can unsnap and flip the cover in one swift movement with one hand. The lining (tan for my black exterior) is as good qaulity leather as the outside. Well padded but not bulky. The leather appears to be much better quality than the 'plasticized' leather used on my old Slipper for the Palm. The feel is very soft and it's much more supple than most other cases I've handled.

    I intended to take the 'gear'-like knob off and planned not to use the belt clip option. However, after playing with the clip, I changed my mind as I realized it doesn't dangle like the clip I had for the Palm Slipper, but locks into position securely at 45 degree increments (nice)!

    Overall, I will recommend this cover.
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    Hi all

    I just got my black case last night, and am very pleased with it. I took some photos which I'll post later, along with a mini review-ette
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    Righto, just sorted some photos out so here goes.

    I got an email from their export guy to say that it had been despatched by courier on Monday, and it was delivered to me in the UK yesterday. The case comes in a very neat little box, wrapped in paper and there are no blemishes or marks on the leather, so overall very nicely presented. First impressions are of nice quality soft leather, and the tan interior is a nice touch. The leather is stiffer in the places where they use thinner leather. Btw the tiny 'spanner' in the plastic bag is a tool to remove the metal belt clip, along with a couple of plugs to fill the hole.

    The first thing I did was obviously to fit the Treo in the case and see what the fit was like. Well it's as good a fit as I've ever had, everything where it should be and it lines up with the screen just great. It takes quite a push to get it in the case, at least from new as I expect the leather will soften and 'give' a little over time, so there doesn't seem to be any danger of the Treo accidentally coming out of the case. It's held in very snugly. With the flip cover down and the belt clip removed it's no more noticeable in my pocket than the standard case. Even with the clip button fitted it's still 'pocketable', more so than I expected.

    Here you can get an idea of the fit, even though I didn't quite have the Treo in correctly for the photo the fit is still great. The keyboard is just as accessible as with no case at all, because of the way the leather wraps round the underside of it. There is probably 2mm extra width on each side of the screen border so as not to 'recess' it too much. I'm finding that whereas with the caseless Treo I could tap the battery icon easily with my finger, a little more effort is needed because of the way the leather borders the screen. Having said that I prefer the added protection that this gives, even if I dropped it with the flap open it should still protect the screen. At first, pressing 'up' on the D-pad meant positioning my thumb a little lower due to the strip of leather that crosses the screen (I have clumsy thumbs!). Once I pushed the Treo into the case a little further it became much easier to hit the D-pad though. The belt clip is a sturdy, metal-sprung item and better than the EB clip I had on my ipaq case.

    Here is a shot of the base, with the cutout for a sync cable. I can't say whether it would sync in a cradle since I don't have one, but with the cable it works just fine. The leather area holding the corners of the Treo is quite stiff at the moment, and although I can get my earphone cable in, the cutout for the earphone hole sits ever so slightly to the left. Again I think with use this will settle and move a little. The cutout for the mic hole is pretty much perfect.

    Below you can see access to the camera. The lens is completely covered with the flip closed. To use the camera you just open the flip and pull it down slightly - this will probably soften up with time too. Also you can just about make out a SD card in one of the two available slots.

    Next a photo of the rear of the case. It uses a magnetic strap which is strong enough to keep the case closed when you want it, yet easy enough to snap open quickly. The speaker area has a cutout with metal mesh, and there is a small cutout for the reset hole. I got quite a few missed calls with the OE case because I just didn't hear the ringer, but that hasn't happened with this case. I've had to turn the ringer down a little today as it's now quite loud when the phone is sitting on my desk! As you can see the belt clip button is made from brass, which isn't going to break in a hurry!

    In this photo you can see that the width is comparable to the Treo in the included OE case. Unfortunately I only own one Treo, so I can't give you a side-by-side comparison.

    And here you can see the cutout for the ringer volume controls.

    Finally, here's a side shot with the belt clip fitted. It seems to protrude less than the handspring case I tried recently, and will 'lock' at any angle. You can wear your Treo upside down if you like.

    So there you are, I've had to rush this a little so if there's anything I've missed just ask away. Overall I'm very pleased with this case, and am now glad I waited for it to become available instead of going for the Bellagio or Covertec.

    One happy bunny!

    By the way, if someone can tell me how to get the photos to display rather than show as links, I'll edit this post.
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