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    it is very easy to take the knob off and on. the knob on the back is flush with the closing flap
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    Originally posted by dpwaters i am very impressed with the quality of the case and even more happier that i canceled my order with
    Another convert Ruben does a great job doesn't he?
    Originally posted by lefish
    Piel Frama owners:

    Can someone tell me how easy it is to remove the knob/button thing that slides into the clip? Is it simple enough to put on and take off daily -- like on the belt in the morning for work, but take off later for throwing into my jacket pocket?

    How far does the knob stick out from the back of the case?
    It comes with a tool to remove the knob. I keep the knob finger tight. (But then, I've got strong fingers.) The brass screw hole, in the case, is recessed flush with the case so when the knob is removed it's just like you never had one.

    I do exactly as you described. It's extremely simple to put on or take off any time, as you please. But, my judgement is based on my strong hands, so YMMV. I imagine some would find carrying the little tool around a pain.

    How do you others do it?
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    On a personal note, Ruben and Piel Frama stepped-up big time for world-class customer service support to compliment their fantastic handcrafted leather case. The P Frama craftmanship is unbelievable, and you can't fully appreciate that until you get your hands on one of these things. Wow.

    The first case I pre-ordered was from their "first batch" and did not fit my Sprint-version Treo 600 as perfectly as I had hoped. They said it was because they used a non-Sprint phone as a model. Within 10 days they sent me a retooled case (again, directly from Spain) that fit perfectly. No cost, no hassle, great case.

    I mention it because I am one happy customer with one great case, and I felt I owed it to them since they were so helpful. My two cents...
    "Pain is temporary; quitting lasts forever." -- L. Armstrong
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    Just a note about Pielframa customer service:
    I ordered from Pielframa on Friday night and forgot to include my color choice. By Monday morning I had an email telling me that. I replied, and within 1 hour I was told my order would be shipped the next day fedex express. I am very pleased with the hands-on customer service and quick response time and wanted to share this with those reading the forum.
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    Piel Frama gets my vote for tech/accessories company of the year, if there was such a vote

    I don't think they sleep over there. Do people in Spain sleep?
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    case arrived here in Australia like 4 days after i ordered it, works great, couldn't ask for a better case.

    love the magnetic clip, didn't realise how well it would work.

    credit card slot is a tight fit but after ramming 2 or 3 of them in there now enough space for a few business cards and 1 credit card.

    highly reccomended product.


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