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    Dont know if I'm the only one experiencing this but I have a brand new GSM unit and it seems to have a problem with a loose internal speaker at the back. From the moment I had opened the box and got the unit out of the plastic, it had already been “rattling” inside the unit. Like it was not “fitted” well into the internals of the unit, "dislodged" if you will. So what happens now is that it vibrates against the plastic casing making a “clanky” sound whenever a sound comes out of the speaker causing the sound to become distorted. Its pretty bad and would like to hear from anyone else experiencing the same thing.
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    I have the same problem. Sound is very "metallic", almost like a blown speaker. I would send it in and get it replaced, but, unlike in the U.S., where Handspring offers an advance replacement, here in Europe you have to send it in BEFORE they send you a replacement ... really don't want to wait for several weeks.

    On the other hand, the noise problem is really disruptive in speakerphone mode.

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