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    I'm giving pdanet a try and it seems to work fine with my new TR2A Sony but I seem to be connecting at a much lower speed than what some have been "claiming". I've heard that people are consistently surfing at speeds of 100kbps+. I'm getting about 18-22 kbps average.

    Well, first I better tell you how I am getting that figure. I go to and click on the button to check my speed. It downloads info from sites all over the world and determines your speed. It's basically a speed checker for dummies like me. Is this an accurate way to measure the speed of my internet connection (in this case, the speed of pdanet/Sprint)? According to the site it tells me I surf at speeds of about 450kbps on my Verizon DSL account (at the office) and 600kbps+ at home (roadrunner cable). So you can see that 18 kbps on my T600 is pretty dissapointing.

    Is there a setting on Pdanet to increase the speed? Does it have to do with location (I have four full bars when testing)? Or is it just the network being slow?
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    bump. Anyone want to share their speed?
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    That's actually slightly better than we have been getting with it. Basically, it's a bit faster than using a 56K modem and more convenient, but 15kbps is about the best I've seen.

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    I think when I did my speed test through pdanet I was pretty much getting about 60kbps peak and averaging about 53kbps. Nothing to write home about but not bad either.
    I've *never* seen the kind of speeds that some claim they get regularly (80-100kbps) using my Treo with 4 bars in Denver, Atlanta or Nashville. PDANet is faster than WirelessModem, but I've had a problem where PDAnet seems to drop off fairly regularly. I don't really depend on it, nor use it for anything other than emergencies so it's not a real big deal.


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