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    I'll be glad to officiate at the ceremonies. However, my son, there are a few things you need to discuss before the marriage. First, how do you plan to, um, consumate this union? Will you hot-sync, or use infrared? Do you plan to use a serial or a parallel port? Do you believe in using a firewall for safe networking? Have you any problems with premature termination? Can you adequately satisfy your Treo, or will you need some help with additional SDIO? For the future.....what religion will the children be? Palm or PPC? Do you believe in circumcision of the dongle? Will your Treo home school them?

    You see, the initial lusty attraction to your Treo has many consequences, and you must consider them very carefully before embarking on this lifetime adventure.....
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    Originally posted by brian kaye
    1) 320x320 res
    2) 400 mhz arm processor
    3) sdio slot
    4) voice activated programs
    5) 128 mb
    6) 65,000 color screen
    7) 6-8 hr battery
    8) high quality camera
    9) multi-tasking
    10) video-recording + editing
    In such a small device? Wait 5 years.
    -- Kraythe
    -- Author: Hardcore Java, Published by O'Reilly and Due in stores January 2004.
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