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    Hello, I receive voicemail through a JFAX account. The messages are emailed to me as .gsm attachments which I listen to via the Quicktime player (I think you can also listen to them with some J2/JFAX application).

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to play these files on my Treo 600.

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    Hmm...well this is just a shot in the dark, but I know MMplayer supports AVI, so perhaps it will support that .gsm format? Its worth a try though....
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    Unfortunately, I didn't see any support for that.

    Any other ideas?
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    There is a program called "1-step audio publisher" that plays jfax gsm files. It is for Windows though and I don't know if it has a version for palm and PPCs now. I use it on my desktops because it is very neat - the jfax software adds too many junks to my computer.
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    Voicemail via email is a solution that creates problems IMHO - I would personally rather dial my voicemail system to hear it rather than waiting for relatively slow downloads to play it back.

    my 2c

    That said, I think there is great value in developers adding more helper applications for the Blazer 3 browser. I would like to be able to download WAVs and play them on the fly.
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    JFAX charges $0.25/minute to listen to the message on the phone and only if you have a POP account (not an exchange server). That is why I need to listen to the attachment.
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    I use for voice mail (and faxes) which e-mails me .wav files that MMplayer can play.
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    An alternative way to play gsm file is using Remote Desktop which allows you to redirect audio output of the server to client, so you can play it on the server and hear it on your handhelds. RD client on CE.Net 4.1 (Nexio S160) supports this. Not sure whether other PPCs or the Palm RD client supports this.

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