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    Okay, for everybody who is demanding a voice memo program now, here is a automated way to set up your voice mail to do the same thing.

    Make sure Skip Passcode is set within your Voicemail (you will have to dial in to voicemail to set this, but it should be set by default)

    1) Add a Favorite speed dial to your Treo and put in your Sprint PCS Phone#. Add a quick key letter (I chose M for Memo).
    2) Under the More button, enter the following under the Extra Digits setting:


    where xxxxxxxxxx is your 10 digit sprint PCS phone number.

    Check the Dial Extra Digits automatically box.

    3) Under Menu, Options, Phone Preferences, uncheck the Enable Short DTMF Tones box (it does work with it checked, but you you get a lot of beeping feedback)

    This will basically give you about 10 seconds to leave yourself a voice memo automatically. You just hit the Phone button, hold down the M key to start, wait a few seconds and start talking. It takes less than a minute of your Sprint minutes.

    If you want more time, add more commmas between the #'s. (each comma adds one second)
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    COOL! Thanks for this! Nice little workaround. This is especially good for me since I almost never use up all my minutes!
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