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    I need some help determining whether the Treo 600 will work for me.

    I have never used a palm based device, but have experience with Pocket PCs, Blackberries, and Pagewriters. I primarily utilize it for synchonizing contacts, inbox, tasks, and calendar.

    I recently purchased the Motorola MPx200 smart phone. The device is close to the perfect convergence device for me. I like the device, but I am very concerned about single band coverage in the US.

    My primary concern is the ability of the device to sync with Outlook. I really need the capability to sync inbox (redirector preferably, but activesync style will work), contacts, tasks (scheduling preferably), and calendar.

    I would appreciate any experiences.

    Thanks in advance.
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    it's easy... spend some time reading it!
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    I use both Palm (Treo) and PocketPC and Treo is actually better in terms of sync.

    With Treo, you can sync to Outlook without any problem. You can also sync to Palm Desktop. I set one computer for PD, because PD is much better than OL for organizing job. I set another computer for OL and use it just to transfer my contacts etc. to another device because OL is kind like a standard for sync and all devices syncs to it.

    Treo is far better than any PPC for organizing job. The keyboard makes your life much easier. Palm's organizing functions are better too.

    For those who must carry a phone and an organizer, nothing beats a Treo.
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    I recently switched from a Pocket PC (Samsung i700). Syncing to Outlook was a snap, with the included sync software that comes in the box.

    The only problem I had was getting used to the low-res screen (160x160), esp since PPC is superior to Palm in terms of eye candy, even on the Palm hi res screens. However, I'm nearly used to the screen now, and everything else about the Treo is easier/more useable/quicker than the PPC.

    You should try it. I think it is clearly the best convegence device out there.
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    I run both, a Dell Axim and the Treo. I absolutely love it.

    It's a breeze to use, I was used to it within a day or so and it's much quicker to add appointments, contacts etc than on the Axim.

    My Axim doesn't get used half as much as it used to now, not necessarily due to the palm vs PPC thing, but more because the treo is capable of replacing it for a lot of the stuff I do at work, and I like carrying just one device instead of axim + cellphone.

    For the 'power' apps the PPC wins hands down, I use it for terminal server over wifi, excel/word documents etc but the other 75% of the time I just keep my Treo with me.

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    I switched from the Toshiba E740 and have truly loved the ease of sync with outlook (wirelessly and hotsync). Seems like I was always fiddling with Pocket PC to get it just right. The only item I truly miss is the categories, but that can be remidied through third part add-ons. This is the best item out there right now.
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    On your desktop PC, if you go...

    Start > Programs > PocketMirror > PocketMirror Settings

    Then select your profile and click Settings

    You can then choose for each item (calendar, tasks etc) more settings. If you select the item you want, click 'Change', then choose Categories/Folders from the list on the left you can select the option Handheld category = Outlook 'Categories' field.

    That should do the trick.

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