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    Just received the bellagio flip case today. I know many of you are searching for a good protecting for our slippery T6. for pictures

    *** Price is great $49.99 -- not bad
    *** Delivery -- 4 days from order.
    ****Pockets -- 2 mem slots and a credit card slot -- Great almost a wallet in face I plan to make it my wallet moving forward.
    Leather -- Great quality its thin but sturdy so you don't feel like it will tear anytime soon
    *** Stiching - Great, tight no noticable hanging threads
    *** Style -- Flip?? my choice I don't think everyone will like it. But I a neat trick is flipping the case cover over and snapping in (reverse of the nomal closure) and it in and it kinda like a mini pad giving the phone a 20 degree tilt. In that mode it also give you a kinda handle.
    *** Flip cover snap -- weak; it has a dual snap magnetic thingy when closed the cover while on a callit cut off my calls, But I think will will loosen up with more use.
    *** Fit -- Nice and snug good access to all controls no plastic cover on keyboard or screen (plus for me). Interesting leather covered wire frame to protect around the screen (screen cheese protection) which is intended to keep the cover from pressing button.
    *** Main Case -- The case edges extend out about 1/4 inch may be a bummer for some but for me it adds to drop protection
    ***Belt clip -- Geed, it is metle on the case and the belt clip portion has wing type closure i dont think it will snap out by accident. The release button works smooth and responsive.
    *** Camera cover. -- the back of the case fold down enought to expose the lens, may be a problem if you don't pull it down far enough. But at least the film is cheap.
    *** Speaker and Mic -- Very nicely made however the speaker portion is not perfectly matched. I could not notice any trouble during speaker use.

    As you can tell I like the case but it is not for everyone who wants a flip!. It does do the three main things I wanted. A degree of protection, Useablity and Fit.

    Intrested in others view.
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    i just received my cases, i just need my treo to put it in. thanks for the excellent review.
    morris stalk
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    Oh by the way I forgot to note that the Flap cover will mean that you can not turn off/on your radio unless you open the cover. Might bug some.
    However the flap does clear the Antenna with no trouble and the radio LED is clearly in view.
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    I have the new Bellagio case as well, although in the non-flip version.

    I agree with the review that it is well made and works as advertised. One major benefit from my perspective is that it provides a more stable "grip" for the phone and makes it feel less likely to drop out of one's hand.

    Its biggest downside, and this is significant for me, is that you cannot use it with a cradle. I find it quite frustrating to have to haul the T6 out of the case to drop it in its cradle to synch and charge. I have the OEM top-loading case as well and have been trying that as an alternative due to this problem.

    I will post again after I decide which is the lesser of two evils...
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    I ordered the non-flip 7 days ago. The bellagio website still just says order received. Wonder what the deal is.
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    Originally posted by orrgroup
    I ordered the non-flip 7 days ago. The bellagio website still just says order received. Wonder what the deal is.
    I ordered the combo deal about a week ago.

    I called yesterday and was told that they have the full, flip version in stock but are expecting more of the non-flip version in on Monday or Tuesday and will be able to ship sometime next week.
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    I appreciate it! Thanks!

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