Yes, this is a first posting from a newbie, but please donít start the customary flame wars yet. I tried a search and could not find an answer. And if this is the wrong forum for this question, it probably wonít be any further off topic than a lot of the posts I have seen.

I am not yet a treo owner, but I am seriously looking at the T6. I have been lurking on these forums for the past few weeks gathering info to help in my decision, thinking I might get all of my questions answered without bothering to register. I am currently using a Palm m515 and a Nokia TDMA phone on AT&T and like the idea of only carrying one device.

Among the many problems I have had with the 515 is its periodic refusal to hotsync Ė canít make a connection. Apparently this is a known problem, and Palm provided me (free of charge) an SD card labeled ďPalm HotSync Reset CardĒ. (They actually sent me several due to some confusion!) This card appears to be their regular backup card, plus a utility that completely discharges the battery and performs a total reset, a process that takes more than eight hours but which does fix the problem at least for a few weeks.

In addition to using this card to correct the problem, I have been using it for periodic backups to carry with me when I will be away from my computer. It allows quick backups and restores of the 515 without using the reset utility Ė thatís just an optional item included on the card.

My question: should this card work with the T6 as a backup device? With the 515 it has been convenient to have the backup software and the storage media all together, particularly since it came for free. I just donít know whether to expect it to work with OS 5 and different hardware.

Any comments?

Dr J