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    Thought I would sharing PalmOne's reply to an email I sent questioning why on a Premium Palm Cell Phone/PDA we do not have the Basic Standard feature of voice recordings. It is my opinion that we should have all the Basic Standard features a $99.00 cell phone has in addition to additional features.

    Maybe if they receive enough email request something will happen. I know most of you only payed $399 but many more payed full price. So for $600.00 we should have it all...

    Maybe they will even give us better screen quality to boot...
    Thank you for again contacting palmOne (formerly Handspring) Technical

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We understand that you were
    informed from the third party vendors that the Treo Code is having trouble
    to use third party software for voice recording and you would like to know
    if this will be fixed.

    We am escalating your issue to our second level support team. A Product
    Specialist will be assigned to your case. The case number for your escalated
    case is in the subject of this email.

    The Product Specialist assigned to your case will reply to your issue within
    one business day.

    Thank you,

    PalmOne Technical Support
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    Did "the Product Specialist assigned to your case" reply yet? It's been more than a day, just wondering if they have any more info.
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    I'm sorry, but has this been translated to another language and back?

    I find it a bit hard to believe that anyone on PalmOne's US Customer Support team has such a poor grasp of the English language.
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