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    I was wondering ...

    My T180g has been having problems and I'm having to reset occassionally, unfortunately I lose all the info that was in my machine :-(

    I'm considering upgrading once T-Mo comes (if it ever does). So ... my question is ... is it possible to back-up the entire contents of a T600 onto a memory card then IF I had to perform a hard reset, could I recover my info back from the memory card?
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    Funny. I have a 180g also and the same problem drives me nuts. I want the T600 just for the SD backup. I asked the same question a few days ago and got a definite yes. There are other threads on this subject. One suggestion. If your 180g crashes, don't hit the on screen reset button. Instead take out your stylus, unscrew the top and reset it that way. I've had a number of crashes that I thought were fatal that turned out ok by resetting this way.
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    The answer to your question is yes. I have a Treo 600 and I currently use BackupMan to backup my device to a SD card each night automatically (at 3:00am). I have had to restore a few times when I have been away from my computer and this has worked extremely well. Gets everything back exactly as it was.


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