I need an alternative to PDANet --- I have a Windows XP Machine

See below for reason


I can't get PDA Net to work and thier support team does not seem to know what the issue may be --- here's my story for reference

My set up is:

Windows XP Pro SP1 installed with all latest updates
Toshiba Portege 4000 Laptop
256MB 0f Memory
750MHZ Processor

The exact error I get is:

Opening Port…

Error 633 The modem (or other connecting device) in use or is not configured properly

What I’ve done so far:

I have followed the suggestion in the FAQ and completely uninstalled all software and modems settings etc on the Treo and Computer --- restarted and done a clean install ---- I have also remove the PDA Net in the registry after the uninstall (it is back in place after reinstall)

I have also uninstalled my POTs modem just in case and also disconnected/disabled all other connections

I got PDA net to work for one session only