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    I have wondered why HS does not use the USB line voltage to charge their stuff. It's 5.2 volts, correct? Is it becuase, due to draw, it may dip lower then that? Do they want a more regulated charger?

    If so, I wonder will using the USB charger a lot will take away from battery life?

    Take the cradle for the Treo600 for example. You still have to buy a power supply to plug into it (like the hot-sync cable that comes OE with the T600) to power it up. Why not use the USB voltage. Is it beacuse only certain types or brands of PC can do this, so the Mac user and other would be SOL?

    Any Inout on this matter?

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    I have that exact cable. I didn't know if it was for travle use (short term). I just ask this because of the cradle for example and my T300 battery life seemed to get funky after I started to use a thrid party USB charge/sync cable. I assume it was just a coincidence, but still wanted to research it. '

    I believe it's ok, but want to make sure, for long term use...

    Thanks for the reply!
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    I have both a T600 and a T300 (which may be for sale or I may keep it as a bkup unit - haven't decided).

    I use the zip-link retractable sync'n'charge cable like all the time for both units and it works GREAT.

    In my highly unscientific catch-as-catch-can testing, my Treos charge just as fine via USB as via the wall chargers.

    My lapstation is a Dell Latitude C610, fwiw.

    When I'm using my lapstation, I plug my Treo into the charge'n'sync cable as a matter of course and it just remains topped-up all day long. This way I don't have to try to remember to plug it in at night. Plus, with the T600's apparently vastly improved battery life, skipping a day isn't the death knell it is with the T300 (in my experience).


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