I've been experiencing a problem that seems caused by Blazer, but when I ##377 - the error is a Fatal Exception in application - Phone.

About a week ago, I started running into a problem on some web sites that I had bookmarked and ran normally - foxnews.com, msn.com, excite.com. Since that time, when I try to load these sites - in either optimized or wide mode - they will load about 300-330KB before displaying a "page is too large to be displayed" dialog and then soft resetting without any interaction.

Prior to this timeframe, these pages loaded successfully, which is why I added them to the bookmarks. Other pages seem to load fine - but the 300KB size seems to be a "magic number" for Blazer. That wasn't the case on the older version on my T300.

I've tried increasing the size of the cache for Blazer, as well as deleting cookies, url history, internal history, etc based on suggestions made in other threads.

Any other thoughts / ideas? Has anyone else seen this?