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    First of all, I love the t600 but I just can't get over the huge difference in picture quality when compared to the Zire 71's camera! I am in realestate and I hate having to carry my old Zire around to take pictures of homes or properties, and then beaming them over to my T600 so I can email them to my clients. I really look like a geeky Clint Eastwood with the T600 holstered on one side and the Zire on the other. I can take a picture of the same house in good light with both devices, email them both, and the Zire's picture is still way better!! Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone out there know if the camera hardware on the two devices are so different, that the Zire can take good pictures and the T600's cannot? Or could this be a software issue. I read somewhere that a firmware upgrade might fix the lagging T600's camera in the future. Is there any hope for the T600's camera??? Or am I going to have be a geek cowboy for another year until the next treo comes out? Handspring!! Say it aint so!!!!
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    My advice if you don't mind carrying around a second device, but just don't want to look too much like a geek (carrying two different PDAs) would be to get something like the Pentax Optio S digital camera. it's about $300 and takes extremely good pics (good enough for printing). But, it's very small (it can fit inside an Altoids tin). It uses the SD card format, so you can take pics with the camera, put the SD card in your Treo 600, and email the pics that way. Only problem is that you'll want to set it to take really low-res pictures when you know it's something you're going to want to email, otherwise the file sizes will be larger and emailing them could take a while.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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