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    I picked this up off of Howard Forums- a description of TMobiles new data plans. No SMS or MMS are included in the data plan now. That's gonna hurt with email push turned on... I'm used to Sprint BC with no fees for pushing messages to T300...

    What kind of plan are people planning to sign up for?


    Here are T-Mobile current Internet plans:

    Free Internet Plan – Web browsing (WAP, HTTP) and POP3 Email on phone or connected device (laptop or PDA), no T-Zones homepage.

    $4.99 Inernet Plan – same as above plus adds T-Zones Homepage which is custom configurable to you. Set your zip code for news, set your movie theaters, set your stocks, set your weather, even configure your pop3 email via WAP access for any account you may have….etc….all this done via T-Mobile web site (set this up via a PC)

    $9.99 Internet Plan – all of above plus adds 300 SMS text messaging and 100 MMS multimedia picture messaging. (this plan that I have is no longer available. If you want SMS and MMS you have to add them separately…$4.99 for MMS and $.2.99 for SMS….so I’m actually saving $3 by having this plan, than if I got everything separately. But I still wouldn’t get as many SMS and MMS)

    $19.99 Internet Plan – all of above plus gives you access to all Internet ports. So no services are blocked, you can FTP, SSL, RDP, IM …anything. Including VPN access to any network. (but you don’t get any SMS nor MMS).

    $29.99 Internet Plan – same as $19.99 plan but it is meant to be used with a data card only (not a phone)….so you get no voice minutes. It is a data only plan. Some people claim the data card is faster than using a phone with Bluetooth but my research on this topic has shown that this is a false claim. I have actually used a data card on T-Mobile that was on this $29.99 plan and I did speed testing with

    SMS – Short Message Service, this allows you to send and receive text messages of up to 120 characters in length to and from any cell phone (even across to different providers, of course they need to have this service too). If you don’t have an SMS add-on to your plan then you can still SMS but you get charged 5 cents for every sent or received SMS.

    MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service, This like an upgrade to SMS. It allows you to attach pictures, sound files, video….You can type a lot. ..not really sure on the size limit of the MMS. If you don’t have an MMS add-on to your plan then you can still MMS but you get charged 25 cents for every sent or received MMS. (If you decide to send a picture from your phone via email then it doesn’t count as MMS …and so you can email all you want…because email is just data over Internet which is unlimited.

    SMS and MMS are instant delivery of a message from phone to phone through the cellular network with audible notification for the receiving person. You could choose to email instead but email is not automatic on the phone. You have to force the phone to check the email account to see if there are any new messages.

    Corporate Email – The Free Internet plan and the $4.99 plan do not have Corporate Email service. What is this you ask? It is the ability to set up access to a corporate email server (like an Exchange server) through T-Zones Homepage. This is not the same thing as POP3 or IMAP email access. ALL Plans have POP3 or IMAP access.
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    I have a 270, since the tmo 600 isn't quite out yet. I have a decent voice plan (1000 minutes) + the $19.99 unlimited data plan and the $3 SMS plan which adds 300 SMS messages. (I probably don't need that many SMS's but $3 is pretty small change compared to the rest.)

    Tmo used to include 50 SMS messages in the voice plans. I wonder when that went away?

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