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    Hi guys-

    I used to own the Treo 180, but I eventually had to return the unit due to poor voice quality. People I was talking too would complain of low volume, stray noises, and static; judging from other posts I saw on, I was not alone.

    Now I am very excited about getting the Treo 600 on T-Mobile, but I am worried that I will experience the same voice problems. I really like the data convergence of this device, but if it doesn't satisfy my basic needs for a phone, I'm going to have to pass. Can an existing user for this product let me know if the voice quality has improved from the Treo's past incarnations?
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    i just posted this at another forum:

    lately i've been noticing that my friends have been complaining about not being able to hear me very well and that i sound very muffled. i was like, oh heccck no man, it's YOUR phone! so i tried leaving myself a voicemail, talking through the regular mic and then plugging in my plantronics handsfree and talking through that. turns out they're right. ugh! i do sound like crap w/the regular mic. but when i switched to the handsfree, it got significantly clearer and much less muddy. oh no...have i found a problem with this phone?! =-0 noooooooooo! for what it's worth, i've been reading other people's complaints at the other forums about the lackluster call quality as well. *thumbs down* guess i'm just going to use the headset now...
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    I dont know. I have listened to a voice recording of myself and I sound fine.

    I guess I got lucky but my phone is rock solid. Most fun phone I have ever owned.

    I just stumbled across the treo 600 at the sprint store a few days ago and got one so I have no previous treo experience.

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    I owned 15-20 phones and I can honestly say the T600 is the worst sounding phone I've ever owned. Period. The headset suffers the most (ANY headset). The disgust runs rampant...

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