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    I had a dl for my handspring and had the standard address app and I had the option of sorting by Business Name/Last Name but not only is that not an option I also don't even see it or any contacts app in the application launcher.

    I really need to be able to see these for the purposes of phone calls as businesses as I need to call the business.

    Is there an app that will go over this or can you install an address app that will work with the 5 way pad?

    I just got the 600 yesterday and really like it but this is a major bug for me.

    I know I could eliminate the first name and last name info I suppose but I really dont want to have to do that with all contacts.
    Laurence Hammett
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    You can create an icon in the application launcher using this thread:

    You will probably need a 3rd party contact manager such as Agendus if you have 3000 or less contacts.

    I am looking into a contact manager that is able to handle > 3000 contacts at the moment.
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    Well That does get contacts as an icon in application launcher. Thanks.

    Now if I can just get it to look and act properly.

    There must be a third party solution that does for contacts what Datebook 5 does for the calendar function.

    Laurence Hammett
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    There are dozens of contact manager replacements on and!
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    Per your suggestion I am going through the hundred or so to find the best one. So many choices, so little time


    Laurence Hammett
    Movie Theatre Equipment Service

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