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    Does anyone know of a way to modify what information displays on the screen for incoming calls? I would really like to be able to show a contact's Company Name (or other info) in addition to the contact's name & phone number.


    Let's say that I have two John Smith's in my contact list. One works at XXX Company and the other works at YYY Incorporated.

    Currently, for an incoming call, the Treo displays "John Smith (W)" and the phone number. To me, this doesn't allow me to differentiate which John Smith is calling unless I memorize everybody's phone number -- which the Treo is supposed to help me avoid having to do!

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    That would be a nice feature!
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    I'd pay $50 bucks for Phone 2.0! I hope they do continue the dev of this app.. or allow someone else to tackle it.
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    A couple (possible?) implementation suggestions...

    Rather than making the Incoming Call display overly crowded by adding additional (customizable?) text -- maybe a 'More Info' screen button (like 'Answer'/'Ignore') could be added. This button could either take you to the Contact Info screen or, possibly, to a more customizable display? Obviously, the options to 'Answer'/'Ignore' the call would still need to be given on the new screen to be truly useful.

    Or, how about doing something like they do in the Favorites where you hit the Space Bar to see all of the contact's alternate phone numbers -- except have a smaller window pop-up with the Company Info in it? Hit Space Bar again or, maybe, the Phone hard-key to bring you back to the Incoming Call display to allow answering...?

    Either way, we would need to be QUICK in order to review the info and make a decision before the call gets sent to VM!

    Since I'm busy making wishes (& Xmas is just around the corner!), I might as well wish for the ability to display more info about an entry in the Call Log as well!

    Other suggestions?
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    where are all the developers?
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    lightwav does this check out the demo at
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    I really like this idea. The default phone application just is not good enough. Switching between parties on a conference call should not require learning network codes, it should be an option in the phone!! The type of information you mention would be a very nice feature for people that use this phone for business...and really, who doesn't? I would pay for someone to upgrade the default phone app...I wonder if the people that developed it even use a Treo 600?
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    The latest version of Callfilter lets you have an"extended display" on the screen when the person calls, like Company info.. etc...
    I have detailed files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    The latest version of Callfilter lets you have an"extended display" on the screen when the person calls, like Company info.. etc...
    i would just be happy being able to make the # displayed larger? Like instead of a 10 point font make it like a 20 or 30 point font. Why? My wife is visualy impaired and likes phones with larger displays. the t600 is hard for her to read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRANKSTAR
    lightwav does this check out the demo at
    LightWav will also decode the area code for your callers too. Very helpfull for those callers that are not in your phone book.

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